SNL opening: 'torture report'

obama gets schooled on SNL:
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It's here - Tom Coburn's annual government wastebook!

Elly Maye brings hope to those who see the truth through the fog

The kind of clarity this great country does not need.

No jail time for D'Souza -- on a trumped up bogus charge!

Phil Robertson on ISIS

Obama has no plan

August 29, 2014


When Obama says, ‘I’ve consulted with congress and I’ve been told I’m doing the right thing’, do you wonder just who it was in congress?

I do.


Here are three potential answers:

  1. Reid and Pelosi – just the two of them. They bow down to him time and again and there’s no reason to think they wouldn’t in this case too.
  2. Reid and Pelosi and one of the capitol janitors. See above plus insight from a regular ‘folk’.
  3. McCain, Cruz, Paul, McConnell – and that would be the day. All from the right and no lefties? Don’t count on it.


If I was in the press room I would ask him who exactly has he consulted with in congress. Until we get his answer we won’t know. And even with his answer, well let’s just say he has a flexible relationship with the truth.

obama and the president

Obama: I didn't end the war in Iraq

Here's Raul LaBrador in under 7 minutes

The Blog

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Washington D.C.

Jun 11, 2014
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Rand Paul - complete Berkeley speech

Do you know the greatest cause of death in the last 100 years?

Paul Harvey Nails It - Must See|Hear

CPAC Panel: Hollywood & Conservatism

New Dinesh D'Souza movie: 'America', coming July 4

Official "America" Trailer, in theaters this summer. Directed by Dinesh D'Souza 

CPAC 2014 Highlights

Newt Gingrich

Dinesh D'Souza

Dr. Ben Carson

Senator Ted Cruz

Senator Rand Paul 

Senator Rick Santorum and his CPAC message. 

Tea Party 5-year Anniversary Recap

The 5-year anniversary of the Tea Party was celebrated throughout the United States on Thursday, February 27. LGMF attended the event which was held in Washington, D.C. And in three words: It Was Awesome!

For those who support LGMF, we've put together highlights and video captures below. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

The Great One - Mark Levin at the recent 5-year Tea Party Celebration in Washington D.C.

Rep. Louie Gohmert from Texas kills it at the 5-year celebration!

Bi-partisan Analysis Refuted by Obama and Democrats

The bi-partisan Congressional Budget Office released a report yesterday which indicated an increase in minimum wage, as supported by Obama, will result in 900,000 people being lifted out of poverty AND 500,000 people losing their jobs. 

That's right. Some people will find positive results and some negative.
It's a statement the CBO made with data to back it up.

And what does the administration do? Say the CBO is wrong and the numbers relative to job loss are not accurate. Nancy Pelosi shouts a similar message and together they are on the same page.
The problem is, they are as far away from being objective as the sun is from the earth.

Why can't the administration and the democrats be honest and accept this? The reason is they don't have the capability to do so.
Think about it. From Benghazi, IRS discrimination, NSA over-reach, Obamacare deception -- this group has no conscience for 'We the People'. Personal gain at any and all expense is what their mission is. And to date, 'We the People' have allowed them to get away with it.

So the question is, what will you do about it? Leave your thoughts and let's get this thing right.


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  • Peter Goddaro (Thursday, July 31 14 08:39 am EDT)

    GOP is good on petty things. Overpaid. Do NOTHING. Refuse to work with Dems to get problems solved. Will be voted OUT next election!

  • (Sunday, July 27 14 12:31 pm EDT)

    Wow that was strange. I just wrote an very long comment but
    after I clicked submit my comment didn't show up.
    Grrrr... well I'm not writing all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say excellent

Busted - BattleGround Texas: Illegal and wrong!

When Will They Get It?

Tomorrow the president will give his State of the Union address and if you believe something new will be shared, I have oceanfront property for you in Arizona. At a great price.

When Jay Carney appears for his daily briefing, don’t you wonder what goes on in his head? How much deception, balderdashing, half-truths will I have to say today? Sometimes I feel for the guy. Then I remember he’s Obama’s mouthpiece and as much as all the others in the current administration, he is one of the reasons for the mess we are in today. Period.

Today he mentioned a new word which the white house has launched over the past week, “Ladders of Opportunities”.

Huh? Eight days ago it was “Economic inequality” and now it’s, “Ladders of Opportunity?”

Did I mention oceanfront property in Arizona?

Obama is up to the same things once again. Big talk, little walk. And often it’s splattered with more rhetoric, more bloviating, more hemming and hawing and guess what? Over the weekend I heard two references to ‘The mess Bush left me in”.

Unbelievable. Five years later and still looking the other way and passing blame.

Mr President, holding yourself accountable doesn’t mean you say that over and over again and do nothing about it. A true leader would stand tall, take the heat and hits and then LEAD. In some cases, as in yours, you would need to change your way of thinking. Your plan has failed. Americans despise big government and everything it stands for. As President Reagan said, “Government is not the solution to the problem, it is the problem”. That would be you, mr. president.

Read up on him. He lead boldly, worked with both sides of government. Produced solutions. And when he talked, he meant it. Learn from him. You have three years left to make a positive mark. Can you do it?

The jury is out and many believe you cannot. I will remain optimistic. Although, I will be incredibly surprised if you can turn the ship around.

Let me know if you want to borrow from my President Ronald Reagan library. Happy to share.

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They said Obamacare will…

The landscape today:

They said Obamacare is a good idea but they have to make it mandatory

They said Obamacare is a good idea yet they exempt themselves

Obama has given exemptions to organized labor, big business, large insurance companies and you. 

No, wait a minute. Not you. That’s right. Big business, insurance companies, five more exemptions, but not you.

We say: enough is enough! We say Washington needs to live by the exact guiding principles and rules that the rest of the United States does.

Government Shuts Down: Reid & Obama are Responsible-
If the government shuts down the responsibility lies with two individuals: Harrison Reid and Barack Obama.

Harry Reid has blocked valuable and thoughtful legislation from the senate floor. It doesn’t meet ‘his approval’. Thus it dies in the drawer. Senator Reid has a propensity of behaving like an immature teenager; if he doesn’t get his way, then forget it!


In addition, Reid has belittled fellow senators and speaks in a condescending tone to those on the right. Worse yet, he will begin a stab with a reference the ‘the great respect I have for…’ and then conclude with a sharp and malicious blade in their side. What a guy.

I suspect his mother would be embarrassed by the lack of maturity this rather mature man utters. His behavior is sad and representative of that you would not want your child to follow. 

Because Reid refuses to support what the house has delivered, there will be a government shutdown. And make no mistake about it, Harry Reid should be held accountable for this. He IS responsible. 

The other pea in the pod of responsibility is Barack Obama, who hasn’t demonstrated how to lead since — well, no one really knows. He is a tremendous orator, with a teleprompter. And a commoner without one.

Blaming anyone else around him is the center of who he is. He’s a classic. Well schooled in taking zero responsibility. Look at his record. If you disagree you are not objective. It’s fact. Today he came on TV and calmly stated a number of organizations and people who will be impacted by a shuttered government. Well, nice try. If you had any leadership traits to begin with, you’d have encouraged your own congressional leadership — and imagine this — the opposition. This would have been a Reagan move. A great president.

The other arm of Obama’s Administration: The mainstream media

So now the mainstream media: NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, CNN will lay blame directly at the feet of the Republican Party. FOX will provide information from both sides and then let you decide. That’s what they do, how they operate. Old school, I know. Oh how I miss real, objective news. 

The bottom line is that the ‘Tea Party Republicans’ are fed up with the blame game and the inability of this president and congress to get anything done. Had enough. 

Keep in mind for each of the far right ‘Tea Party Republicans’ — there are millions of pissed off patriots who have clearly seen the lack of progress and will be doing all they can to change it. 

Thomas Paine said: The duty of a true patriot is to protect his country from its Government. And that is exactly what every patriotic Tea Party member intends to do.

Shut it down. Blame who you want. In the end the Patriots will survive any thing thrown at them!

-Buddy Belk, from the mind of ‘Less Government. More Fun.’                                            Please weigh in and share your Point Of View. We need to hear from you!

House Hearing show incompetencies within Obama Administration

Mike Lee on why he opposes budget deal

More Obamacare Chaos -- Krauthammer | Judge | Juan Williams & Bret Baier

Obamacare Deconstructed

Oprah, you can leave the country now.

This clip is from 11/20/13 and the presentation of the 'Medal of Honor' ceremony at the White House. One of the recipients, only days before, stated two dispicable things: 1. America is racist against this President. 2. The lineage of discrimination are 'old people who just need to die'. Two classless statements that show the real Oprah. Suggestion: Move to another country, Oprah. you are not welcome here. If you don't like us, leave. 

Bono: capitalism helps the poor more than aid.

November 3 - architect of Obamacare with Chris Wallace

Glenn Beck at Value Voter Summit 2013 - Outstanding!

ObamaCare - Video Contest Entry

Now here is a true hero

Wisdom from the halls of Congress:

What Candidate Obama said on Surveillance

The Entire Benghazi Report below

Benghazi Report

What is your opinion?

Franken and Schumer - BUSTED on tape!

Learn more about us debt.

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